Picture 1

15 seconds of bat activity: one fast pulse train, two regular pulse trains and again a fast pulse train.

Picture 2

Seconds 0.7-0.75 of Picture 1.
0805-10b (1s, 8 kb mp3)
A major closeup of the first pulse in Picture 1. It is actually a very fast pulse train: 6 pulses in .03 seconds for a frequency of 200 hz. The sound within a pulse is 2.5 khz audio or (x16) 40 khz ultrasound.

Picture 3

Seconds 4-5 of Picture 1.
0805-10c (1.9s, 12 kb mp3)
The more sonorous portion of a regular (8 hz) pulse train. Sound frequencies reach 4 khz audio, or 64 khz ultrasound in some of the pulses.