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We offer a live and open forum for hands-on science

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We're Moving!

Our new address is The new site has our calendar of activities. This site is no longer maintained but will remain up until the move is complete.

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Seeing atoms is our theme for 2004/5. We're still collecting ideas.

Light polarization There are two kinds of light but our eyes can't see the difference. Some animals can, though, and so can some clever experiments! One of our 2003 activities.

Measuring the speed of light There are many ways. How do they compare? Which is the most convincing, the most elegant, the most accurate, ... the cheapest?
This was our 2002 project, time to move on!

Detecting tidal forces from your basement. Is it possible? The effects are very, very small and that's the challenge. The question is still open!

Building a bat detector was our summer 2000 project. Locate bats by listening to their ultrasound emissions! We have built detectors and have some bat recordings. We can always use more!


Pictures and accounts of some of our other activities
  Alien stingers, Oct 2002
  Bartram's garden, June 2002
  First Citizen Scientist Conference, June 2002.
and Bats at the Hibernia mine, Sep 2000.


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Table of Isotopes, LBNL Isotopes Project - LUNDS Universitet