Building the Double Pendulum Gravimeter

First created: Sat Jun 2 14:14:15 EDT 2001
Sat Jun 2 14:14:26 EDT 2001

Description Of The Probe

Side View Front View

The probe is a pair of pendulums coupled through small magnets.

The top pendulum is a 2 x 25 cm strip of ordinary window glass hinged on a pin at the top end and terminated by two small rare earth magnets pinching the glass strip a very short distance from the end.

The bottom pendulum is also a 2 x 25 cm strip of glass, hinged on a pin at the bottom end and also terminated at the top end by two small magnets.

The magnet dipoles terminating the glass strips have to be arranged such that they attract each other, or there is no stable configuration.

The frame of the device is also made of pieces of window glass glued together by silicone rubber cement.