Speed-of-Light Measurement Contest

The Rules


Amateur scientists are challenged to demonstrate and document techniques to measure the speed of light (c). Demonstrations of the various techniques will be performed at a CNJ-SAS meeting on February 1, 2003.


There are very few rules, mostly adherence to good scientific practice. This requires complete openness of the experiment so that another amateur scientist can reproduce and confirm the results.

Non-portable or difficult-to-demonstrate experiments (e.g. delay in the eclipses of Jupiter's moons over the year) are acceptable but must be very well documented (photos, etc).

You don't have to be an SAS member to participate.

You must present the experiment or findings in person.

The person or team must have done the experiment themselves.


Prizes related to amateur science will be awarded. We have no clue at this time what the prizes will be. They may be anything from an old slide rule to a 50-inch telescope to a cyclotron (and maybe not).

The prizes will be awarded based on the following criteria.

There will be special awards for the following:

More Information:

For more info (there isn't much more) contact:

Mark (Micro-gram Man) Streitman central_jersey_sas@hotmail.com
Vincent (Bat Man) Goffin vgoffin@worldnet.att.net
Pete (Seismic Pete) Torrione p.torrione@att.net

For information on how c was measured previously visit: www.google.com and search for "speed of light measurement".

We Hope to Hear from You Amateur Scientists and Have Some Fun!!