Speed of Light Latest News

2002-02-27:  new contribution from Geoff Hitchcox.
2002-02-26:  new dynamic image of Jupiter and the 4 galilean satellites.
2002-02-09:  longitude and latitude used in jovian calendar are now preserved
2002-02-01:  updated jovian calendar to include Jupiter position
2002-01-30:  received Geoff Hitchcox's experiment
2002-01-29:  pages reformatted:
             red links are external and will start a new page,
             blue links are internal to the site
2002-01-25:  new astronomical calendar for satellites of jupiter events
2002-12-02:  third installment from Geoff Hitchcox
2002-12-07:  Earth Jupiter Distance and Earth-Sun-Jupiter Angle added to galilean satellites positions